Quality Health Products
Tools for Your Wellbeing

Are you well? I mean really well. Are you brim full of health and bursting with vitality?

I ask those questions on my Herb Health Guide site and it occurs to me that people visiting this site would probably answer, either:

  • no, but I want to be, or
  • yes, and I want to stay that way.

So welcome to our Health Products Site. We would be delighted to help you meet your health goals.

Our Health Products

Our health products are either:

  • our own, such as important health guides and reports published either by ourselves or by Tribar Press (which we recently took over), or
  • products supplied by manufacturers that we have thoroughly evaluated and sincerely recommend.

We have searched globally for quality herbal health and nutritional supplement products. There are plenty available but most don't meet our demanding standards. We only offer the very best.

We applied our very high standards and investigated:

  • ingredient quality,
  • formulation standard and effectiveness,
  • absence of unnecessary and dangerous inclusions,
  • value for money, and
  • customer service standards

We found our recommended products and manufacturers to be excellent and we're delighted to offer them to you.

We have had to remove two manufacturers who failed to maintain the required standard. Even though those manufacturers are still in business and selling products to unsuspecting customers, you may be assured that everything on this site is regularly reviewed and is a quality product.

Our range of products will increase over time but quantity is not our emphasis. Our range currently includes:

  • excellent herbal formulas, outstanding for internal cleansing and other lifestyle support, and
  • vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, with outstanding synergistic formulas ideal for supporting total wellbeing and anti-aging.

Future product ranges will also support the foundations of real health and will include some individual conditions that are not well managed by orthodox or pharmaceutical treatments.


Where Are You?

We get around the globe and enjoy supporting the health of our many international friends. Our health education sites are housed in the USA but clearly serve people world wide via the web.

We are working towards providing access to quality health products to as many people as possible, in various international geographic regions. At present we serve people:

  • mainly in the USA and Canada,
  • in many other countries around the world to which our manufacturers ship, and
  • worldwide to readers of our electronically available ebooks, reports and audio health guides.

Choosing Products

Above all, we review the formulation of the products to determine if they are intelligently composed and genuinely designed to achieve what they claim.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers:

  • make claims not supported by what they actually provide in their products
  • claim ingredients that are not even included in their products
  • maintain synergistic relationships exist where they don't
  • design products simply for a predetermined profit objective rather than a health outcome
  • actually know very little about health or how their products work
  • utilize substandard raw ingredients, manufacturing processes or inadequately skilled personnel
  • make their products outside of jurisdictions where quality standards apply

We only consider manufacturers who have none of these shortcomings and failings.

Since it is very expensive to properly equip manufacturing plants able to meet our standards and top quality personnel are difficult to find, there are only a few facilities in the world that measure up. This means shipping costs could be an issue so we only recommend products where the shipping costs are very reasonable and ideally can be eliminated by placing a not-too-expensive, reasonably sized order.

When you buy health products, however good they are, you actually deal with people. They must be reliable and trustworthy and their attention to customer service must be excellent. We only recommend products from suppliers who deliver excellence in this area.

No matter what we do to evaluate suppliers, ultimately you must be completely satisfied. We only recommend products from manufacturers willing to back them with a genuine satisfaction guarantee.


The Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that you benefit from our high standards, expert judgment and significant investment of time. The products presented here are the finest quality tools you can use to achieve your health goals.

Purchasing products via this site is an investment in good health. We hope you achieve all your health goals and wish you much enjoyment in life.






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