Heart & Circulatory System Support

Problems in the cardiovascular system cause more deaths than those in any other system. Heart diseases of several kinds present threats to wellbeing, especially coronary artery disease. More widespread vascular disease also causes significant loss of function and robs enjoyment from life.

Fortunately, the circulatory, or cardiovascular, system responds well to proper nutritional support.

In addition to the foundation of properly balanced essential nutrients there are effective supplements available for this system. Below are some selected products that provide nutritional support for the heart and circulatory system.


While cholesterol has been badly maligned by misguided medical research and various ideas promoted by pharmaceutical companies to sell statin drugs, it remains important to keep all blood lipids (circulating fats) in correct balance and this can be achieved much more easily than most people believe.

Any one of these cholesterol related products should be used, not two or three, unless specifically recommended by your own professional health advisor.


This well designed formula can help reduce your cholesterol production, increase your removal of blood fats and lower your heart disease risk, all without side effects.

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Cholesterol Herb Original

Lower cholesterol naturally using this well proven herbal formula.

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The circulatory system involves both the pump (heart) and the blood vessels. The vessels form a network of structures that convey blood from your heart to every part of your body and back to the heart. The overall effectiveness of the heart's pumping and blood vessels' supply is vital to life and wellbeing.

Circulation Herbs

For good health, oxygenated and nutrient rich blood must reach all parts of your body to deliver the benefits and to remove the built up toxins. The following product promotes good circulation of this vital blood.

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Blood Pressure

As your heart and blood vessels operate to supply blood to your whole body a certain amount of pressure is exerted by the blood on the vessels' walls. This pressure fluctuates somewhat due to various factors but should remain within known levels to sustain health.

Since the circulating blood volume remains reasonably stable, when the heart (pump) rests between beats the lower levels of pressure should remain high enough to ensure perfusion (to ensure it actually reaches the cells) but not so high that it causes damage to the cells. Equally, when the heart pumps a surge of blood around the body via the vessels, which generates the higher levels of blood pressure in the system, it should be high enough to ensure effective circulation but not so high as to do damage.

The pressure is affected by many things, such as circulating volume, resistance caused by fat, flexibility of the vessel (mainly artery) walls, overall physical fitness, emotional state, activity level, exposure to toxins (eg. smoke), 'stickiness' of the blood, and so on. Fortunately there are several herbs and nutrients that can help improve blood pressure, keeping it at healthy levels.

Blood Pressure Herb

This traditional herbal formula works effectively to lower high blood pressure (hypertension).

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