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In natural medicine we become accustomed to being regarded as a bit old-fashioned. After all, 'modern' doctors poo-hoo all that inner toxin stuff right?

Well, generally speaking, ordinary or orthodox doctors certainly do. Yet here are a couple of interesting observations.

  1. Not too long ago orthodox doctors did recognize the important role played generally by toxins in causing disease. It just fell out of fashion when it was pushed aside by other interests.
  2. There is undeniable proof of the existence of many toxins in everyone. Some result from natural processes and cannot be avoided (though they can be minimized and managed). Many others are toxic environmental pollutants.

It seems to me that orthodox doctors simply lost the plot. They chose the easy and lucrative route of pedaling drugs for pharmaceutical companies. With the political might and strategizing of big pharma at work, they soon had licenses to print money, or I should say prescribe, oh no, I mean 'practise'.

Now orthodox doctors significantly contribute to the problem of cellular toxicity. Their treatment, or lack of effective treatment, makes them officially one of the leading causes of death in western developed societies.

Don't get me wrong though. While I believe as much as 80% of all orthodox practice should be avoided, that other 20% is very important and valuable. I can think of many areas of practice I wouldn't be without, like Emergency Medicine for example.

But why am I even talking here about the flaws in orthodoxy when I should be discussing inner cleansing and detoxification? Fair question.

I think it's just that as I sit here writing, I have an overwhelming sense of frustration at the poor quality of medical care and the degree of arrogance maintained despite quite obvious ignorance.

Modern medicine implicitly promises to cure you when you become sick. 'When' is quite appropriate given their poor track record in prevention.

The result is that now we have many people who simply accept that they will become sick. Some worry about developing a major illness, others live in hope that they will only have minor diseases.

Almost everyone, it seems, just accepts that sickness or illness or disease is 'normal' or at least inevitable. How sad.

Practise in orthodox medicine is so bad (they would say 'busy') now that a multitude of minor symptoms and signs of disease are ignored, trivialized or even denied. Yet these are the early stages of bigger problems. It is plain folly to ignore them when they can so easily be dealt with. If they only knew how. How bad!

Orthodox doctors don't really understand these indicators. They can't process them. They need big, clear, text-book symptoms and signs to be able to diagnose 'official' diseases.

It's pathetic really, but it gets worse. Much worse. You see, research consistently finds that the accuracy rate for medical diagnoses is around 40%. Not good.

Furthermore, besides ignoring the early indicators, they have a tendency to give treatments that cause more problems than they help cure. Whether or not you are in the lucky 4 in 10 whose diagnosis is accurate, the treatment will almost certainly increase your toxicity, possibly badly enough that even an orthodox doctor can recognize a side-effect or complication. Not good at all.

What About You?

So what about you, dear patient reader? How has your health been?

Have you experienced some of those minor concerns that your doctors didn't take seriously, or maybe treated poorly, only to have other problems develop?

Maybe it was some muscle weakness, unexplained excessive fatigue and loss of energy or vague aches and pains that come and go.

Or have you experienced minor psychological symptoms like anxiety or mild depression. Perhaps some sleep disturbance?

It could have been any one or several of a very long list of experiences. Some of the most common relate to the digestive system.

Have you experienced bloating after meals, windiness or abdominal pains? A little diarrhea or more likely constipation?

You quite probably have had constipation to some degree, maybe even chronically, whether you realized it or not. Most people consuming a reasonably standard western diet have some degree of constipation.

You see, your digestive system is quite central to your overall health. It is very sensitive and tries to get your attention!

Your sluggish colon is trying to tell you something! It is time you paid attention.

Failing to pay attention and take appropriate and comprehensive corrective action will result in worsening complaints. Eventually it will lead to serious disease.

Not Just Orthodox Doctors in The Dock

It would be very wrong to appear to simply be blaming orthodox doctors for everyone's lack of robust good health. They are certainly a frustrating and significant part of the overall problem but it is a far wider issue.

The sad fact is that chemical, manufactured food and pharmaceutical industries are among the worst culprits. But wider cultural practices deeply rooted in society help to make these problems possible.

The scale of the problem is immense, but that doesn't mean we should just give in and accept our sorry fate.

And I'm sorry to say that many alternative health practitioners and natural medicine itself must share the guilt. Many have simply gone along with the flow of money and taken the easy and exploitative path.

Some abuses like selling monthly supplies of bulking agents or laxatives and the over use of colonics for example are sometimes highly unethical. The proper approaches are prevention and cure, not palliation and extremes. Have we lost our way?

Your Responsibility?

Dare I even suggest it? Yes, I must.

The simple fact is that you don't get off scot free either my friend.

There is no point in simply blaming society, various industries, orthodox and alternative medicine and their practitioners. The fact is, 'the buck stops with you' as they say.

Ultimately, like it or not, you must accept responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. There is no point complaining that you don't know enough.

No one can get sick for you. When your time comes, it comes. There is a time for every purpose under heaven and no one can die for you. Sorry to be blunt, but that's what ultimate responsibility really means.

But let's not become morbid. I have wonderful news!

Safe Colon Cleansing

I took action. On the one hand I was constantly saying the same things over and over to people and was frustrated that there was never enough time to thoroughly explain the whole situation. I like to empower people as much as possible, not make them dependent on my professional services.

On the other hand I was regularly being asked over and over to write a course that people could study to give them the big picture on health, along with the important details usually overlooked by others.

I had also reached the point where I was very annoyed by the serious misinformation and downright abuse of proper colon cleansing. Most people just don't seem to understand what colon cleansing really is, and that includes people who practice it.

So the action I took was to put together a whole program for inner cleansing that sets out just what proper colon cleansing is. And I wanted people to approach their new health empowerment with complete safety.

The result, with the support provided by Dr Jenny Tylee in Volume 2, is Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide, Volumes 1 and 2. Together they comprise a powerful tool for achieving lasting health and vitality.

Is your health important to you?

This two volume set is a comprehensive, indeed holistic, program for achieving and maintaining good health. Life is a lot more fun when you're as well as you can be.

It is for people who value and appreciate their health. This doesn't mean that it's difficult or complex, just professional and thorough.

If you are looking for snake oil or magic overnight cures to waste your time and money on, you're definitely in the wrong place. There are plenty out there because poor desperate folk keep buying them.

Many scamsters dress in white coats and line up to take your money. You are free to choose but if you're ready for the truth and seriously want to maintain or restore your health and vitality then you're in the right place, right now.

Can I promise to cure all your complaints? Please, give me a break. Absolutely no one at all can do that.

Firstly, it's a revealing question and shows how passive and dependent people have become. No one else can cure you. The aim is to help you to cure yourself. You already have an astonishingly powerful inbuilt natural system for achieving that, you just haven't read the manual!

I can't examine you, I can't make an assessment. Therefore I can't diagnose or treat you. But I can probably do better than that. You see ...

I can educate and inform you and thereby help protect you from many actual and potential harms

I can warn you of present dangers all around you personally and suggest practical, workable solutions

I can explain causes of disease to you in ways that will expand your understanding and help you avoid them

I can specifically warn you of the alternative medical approaches in common use that should be avoided or used with great care

I can explain vitally important aspects of your physiology so you will have a much better motivation to eat and live well

I can provide details of a healthy diet and nutrition plan that I believe is the best in the world

I can explain why you have the problems and feel the ways you probably frequently do

I can help you devise a personal health plan to achieve your own goals for wellbeing

I can clearly explain the aspects of holistic health that you need to understand

I can spell out for you just what a healthy lifestyle really involves

I can show you how to undo small or large amounts of damage caused to your health by your lifestyle

I can equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure your own wellbeing

I can equip you to take care of the nutritional and health needs of your whole family or household

I can probably save you a fortune in avoidable expenses if you put what you learn into action

I can help you finally grasp the 'big picture' and let you more easily evaluate the health information you are given

I can, in short, seriously empower you to take control of your life. Because without sound health and vitality you are at the mercy of systems and people who don't understand health and don't particularly care.

You can regain lost health and vitality and maintain what you have. You can put enjoyment back into living.

You just need to know how and then take simple action. What you need to do isn't hard. But don't leave it too late, OK? Nothing is static. Beneath the surface you are either moving towards greater health and vitality or deeper into disease.

You Must Pay

That sounds crass doesn't it? I'm sorry.

The truth is that one way or another you are accountable and you must pay. You're already paying today in terms of your current health for your behaviors yesterday and in the past.

You will continue to pay every day for the rest of your life for the choices you make every day. No one can give you a free pass.

You know that. Even if you don't like to admit it, deep down you know it's true.

But when it comes to your health and overall wellbeing you can earn fantastic virtual 'discounts' simply by learning how to become and stay well and then taking simple actions. Now this is a smart investment.

This investment in developing informed action will save you a possible fortune in avoidable medical costs and maybe income lost from time off work. That's good.

An investment in our books can save you potentially many thousands of dollars, but don't worry, it won't cost you hundreds of dollars. The price for this comprehensive and professional program is under one hundred dollars. In fact, it's now under $50.

More importantly however, investing in our books can repay in terms of good health, abundant vitality, daily improvement instead of decline and an opportunity to discover fun, joy and fulfillment in life.

Yes, that sounds good. And it's not hype, it's quite true. I know this, because I get a lot more feedback and testimonials than the ones I can publish here.

While we're on this matter of payment I should make a couple of extra points. You see I know that the worst thing I could do would be to simply give these books away.

I know from years of providing health education, free and paid, that people just don't value free information properly. This means it tends to be way less effective than it really needs to be.

People waste a fortune on junk written by amateurs who claim to know 'health secrets' and such. They waste money on junk food and, yes, some poor souls actually send their money up in tobacco smoke. Our books are an investment, not a waste.

Then there is the principle of equity. It is only fair and right that I be paid for the work that I have put into making this comprehensive, quality information available and for providing you with such valuable help.

So yes, you must pay. But believe me, the money you spend on Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide will be a real investment. So let's just put that aside for now and consider some of your benefits.

Your Benefits

There are just so many I barely know where to start. It's true, I couldn't even list them all because some will be quite individual to you.

Consider a woman aged in her 30s with two active boys to bring up. She followed my guide closely, mainly because of her constant tiredness. She wanted her old energy back that seemed to leave with her first pregnancy some years earlier.

Her energy returned and she excitedly told me it reminded her of a saying her grandmother frequently used; she now had "a new lease on life." That was a good outcome, but nothing special.

What was special were the tears that welled in her eyes when she told me what this really meant to her. It meant she could find the energy and make more time to spend with her boys, to be all the mother she could, which meant the world to her.

This example and many like it reveal the special benefits that come with renewed health and vitality. You really can get more out of life because you can put a lot more in.


I've mentioned this already. Please don't take it lightly. Knowledge is power, many will tell you. It certainly can be when you know how to apply it safely, like I show you.

Being empowered can mean achieving freedom. It can mean knowing that you are not subject to the shackles of ignorance. You will actually know how to be healthy. You will be free from the advertisers' traps, able to sidestep those who would sell you down the river to disease.

Knowing how to choose things in your lifestyle that will support rather than undermine health is empowering. Being informed so you can eliminate risks and threats to your health in your own home and workplace reflects your empowerment too.

Even being able to effectively deal with the little problems that you doctor couldn't, reflects empowerment. Being empowered, maybe you will be able to avoid the frustration or humiliation of being told again that "there's nothing wrong with you."

Of course, you should not neglect to seek professional help when you need it. But it's still nice to know that you are no longer simply at the mercy of a very poor 'health' system.

Time Savings

You can stop wasting your time. Time is everyone's most precious possession. When it's gone, it's gone forever.

If you choose to spend your time in pursuits some might consider a waste, that's your prerogative. You are quite free to do so. But nobody likes having to spend large amounts of time on fruitless searches for health information.

With Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide you can stop searching and start implementing.


This is an important benefit. It comes from being able to trust me.

Why should you trust me? Well, I am a real person who is accountable for my actions.

Actually, I'm more accountable than most. As a real person I'm accountable under the law. I'm also a genuine health professional who must operate within the parameters of my profession.

There is a real photo of me on this site. I provide real addresses through which I can be contacted.

I am not hiding behind a nameless website facade. I do not use a fake photo or fake name. Many internet sellers of so-called health information products do these things.

You may be assured that my book provides you with health information from a real health professional. This actually applies to both books because I can assure you, Jenny is quite real too!


Once again, it is impossible to list all the improvements you could reasonably expect. Partly this is because they will depend on the dynamics of your current health status. Partly though, like I said earlier, they will be rather individual.

However, that's not a cop-out. There are many very commonly experienced specific health improvements from proper colon cleansing.

Here is a small sample listing of some common health benefits from proper colon cleansing.

  • Regain mental sharpness and think more clearly
  • Lose weight and/or control weight more effectively
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce arthritis and related conditions
  • Overcome constipation and improve bowel disorders
  • Prevent, eliminate or reduce frequency and intensity of headaches
  • Achieve improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Boost immune function and reduce infection risk
  • Substantially reduce the risks of serious disease, such as bowel cancer
  • Improve emotional health and stress tolerance
  • Eliminate catarrh and nasal and sinus congestion
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate hay fever and other allergies
  • Improve your eyesight and hearing and senses of taste and smell
  • Achieve a real sense of wellbeing
  • Reduce or eliminate PMS
  • Improve your sex life due to health improvements
  • Achieve a clearer skin and radiant complexion
  • Eliminate infestations with intestinal parasites, yeasts and fungi
  • Improve sleep quality and feel more rested and refreshed
  • Significantly improve your energy levels and recovery time

And many more! Why? Because proper colon cleansing detoxifies the whole body and improves nutrition to every cell.

This means proper colon cleansing is quite foundational to good function in every part of your body and it underwrites healing. No wonder you'll feel so good!

I could go on all day about the benefits. I haven't even started on the 323 expert recipes, eating plans and budget guide in Volume 2. This produces an avalanche of benefits.

But I'm going to stop here. That's enough information for you to realize the value of this 2 volume set. If you have any other questions you can always ask me.

Buy Now

Now you have the opportunity to invest in Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide, and I do mean invest. I sincerely believe that following this guide will save you money, significantly improve your health and substantially add to your overall enjoyment of life.

This set would still be great value at twice the price but you can currently buy this set for just US$47.00.

You have no risk. You are covered by a 56 days (8 full weeks) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So go ahead, click the button to purchase and begin your own exciting journey to newfound health and vitality. You can download the products and start right away.


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Available Now

Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide
How to Achieve Lasting Health and Vitality

Volumes 1 & 2
ISBN 978-0-9775889-0-9 (set)
211 & 199 pages,
PDF version,
Copyright 2006
A Tribar Press Publication


If you're looking for safe and sound advice on colon cleansing, Dr. Peter Tylee's book is the one to trust. Dr. Tylee is known to be genuinely caring and helpful and has more than 30 years of practise in medicine. His new book 'Safe Colon Cleansing' is a detailed and comprehensive guide that will assist you to regain and maintain a state of good health and vitality for years to come.

Being in the field of health and self-help myself for 20 years now, I have seen much amateurish advice that was useless at best - if not even a real threat and danger to your health. I can't stress enough how important professional advice and safety is when it comes to colon cleansing. Dr. Tylee really cares and has a strong emphasis on safety throughout his book.

I strongly believe with Dr. Tylee's advice every reader will improve his state of health and eliminate many sources of illness. You will regain better health and new energy and passion. I highly recommend this book, which is written by a true professional.


Ralf Michael Skirr, Germany


Peter, you've provided some truly valuable health information here. Anyone who's truly serious about improving their health shouldn't hesitate to read your guide.

I have to say your book really did make me think about my health (something I never really thought about at all before - I figured I'd wait until I got old to worry about stuff like that).

I'll be completely honest, I haven't implemented all of your advice. In fact, I've only made a few tiny changes as recommended in your guide. And I was very surprised that even my half-hearted efforts have been rewarded.


Liz Barton, Sugarhouse, UT, USA


Overall impression is that it is obviously excellent and of all the literature I have read on this subject in all honesty this has to be the one that makes most sense to me and the one I would feel most comfortable in applying.

It gives great simple education on the very things needed to know to understand the whole process and why it is done this way

Overall it is great for giving people enough (and the best) knowledge and empowering them to do it themselves correctly and not just "hooking" into some kit.


Bart Jarvis, Newcastle, Australia
Qualified Medical Assistant


Colon Cleansing, hmm, now this can be a sensitive subject. But it is an important topic and we need to be addressing this in a more serious manner for each of us. Dr. Tylee's book, "Safe Colon Cleansing, Your Good Health Guide" really opened my eyes. I now have a lot stronger educated view on why I have been feeling so crappy (sorry for the low class word, but this best explains it) for the last several years.

His book (both volumes) is very well written. Almost like a textbook, but much easier to understand. The chapter on how the entire digestive system works was very enlightening. I have a much better understanding of what goes on every day inside my intestinal track that I was previously unaware of. It really opened my eyes to what I do every day that adds to my unhealthy lifestyle.

Not only did I discover how I have been poisoning myself through my western style diet, but also the toxins I expose myself to every day around my home and environment. Not only does Dr. Tylee educate about the many harmful toxins we expose ourselves to every day, he gives an extensive plan as to how we can cleanse our way back to health.


Dave Gieber, Ogden, UT, USA
Retired Aerospace Engineer


Although I thought I could see the value in your books, I admit that when I purchased I was reassured by the guarantee. In Australian dollars it cost me just on $95 and I thought, oh well, at least I don't have to pay expensive shipping.

It's amazing, because I can already say it has been worth ten times the price. I just can't imagine raising a family without having this guide.

I'll be sending my friends and family to your web site!


Christine Berude, Albury, Australia
School Teacher & Mum


Volume 2 ... is chock full of an extensive list of toxin cleansing, healthy recipes. I couldn't even begin to count the number and diversity of the recipes in this volume. Again, there is also a plan guide to help in creating a healthy diet and eating lifestyle. These two volumes sure have me looking at food commercials in a different way now!


Dave Gieber, Ogden, UT, USA
Retired Aerospace Engineer