Remove Parasites, Fungi & Yeasts

Parasites are organisms that live on or in other organisms (hosts) from which they derive their nourishment at the expense of the host and for which they return no benefit. Most parasites actually also cause some harm, which is sometimes serious. In humans, parasites range from quite large (longer than 30cm) to microscopic.

Fungi and yeasts (which are single-cellular fungi) are organisms that can cause significant disease and discomfort in humans. Names commonly associated with these would be tinea (fungi) and candida (yeast).


Even with excellent personal hygiene people commonly experience at least mild infestations with parasites. Intestinal parasites can remain in the bowel for many years, releasing wastes that are toxic to the host. Over time, they can become responsible for a range of symptoms that baffle many doctors.

Many parasites require medical investigation and treatment. For example, malaria involves a protozoan parasite (plasmodium) and kills over 2 million people annually.

Most people can manage less serious problems such as intestinal worms. For these we recommend the following.

Worm Defense Formula

This herbal formulation is designed for short-term treatment of worms and other parasites.

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Fungal infections are very common. They tend to be persistent and to recur and they can spread easily, especially in humid areas.

Removing fungal infections can prove difficult and in all cases treatment should include attention to broad internal cleansing needs and sound nutrition.

Fungal infections can be external (scalp, groin, feet for instance) and internal (mouth, bowel, for instance). Anti-fungal herbs can effectively deal with these.

Internal infections should be dealt with using oral herb preparations. External infections should be treated using both oral herbs and topical herbal treatments.

Anti Fungal Herb Program

This is an oral treatment suitable for internal and external fungal (including yeast) infections.

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Anti Fungal Ointment

This is a fungicidal (anti-fungal) topical treatment. It uses a herbal formula and contains no dangerous chemicals.

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Yeast infections are extremely common. Many are quite dangerous. All are unpleasant.

The best-known yeast that causes widespread problems is Candida albicans. This is such a problem that next year we will release a whole book on eliminating Candida. We will provide treatment details here at a later time.

In the meantime our book containing detailed instructions for comprehensive inner cleansing and establishing a genuinely healthy lifestyle is the best place to find help.


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The foundation of your health must consist of eliminating toxins, following a healthy lifestyle and eating well, as explained in Volume 1 of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.

This is the foundation for dealing effectively with parasites.

Safe Colon Cleansing Vol 1



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