Muscle, Joint & Bone Care

Muscles, bones and joints together form the musculoskeletal system. This provides structural shape, protection for organs and the ability to move, among other functions.

Unfortunately, vast numbers of people experience significant problems with this system. These hit right across the lifespan.

Perhaps even more unfortunate is the way this system has been treated by the modern medical profession. There is nowhere near enough emphasis on prevention and almost unbelievably bad treatment, being largely either ineffective or so toxic as to be very dangerous.

The potential problems with the bones, muscles and joints are many and complex. Fortunately most can be avoided or treated successfully using inner cleansing, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

When cleansing, our recommended diet and base nutritional supplements are not enough you probably already have problems related to muscles, joints or bones, or know that you are at high risk for these.

If so, then take a very close look at our recommended products. We believe that the products we recommend for this system are the very best available anywhere.

Prevent or Treat Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a devastating and ultimately debilitating disease characterized by loss of bone density. Bones become thinner, lighter and more brittle. Bone deformations, once established, don't recover.

If you need to treat osteoporosis or are at high risk and want to prevent it the following product is ideal.*

Bone Protec

This new supplement formula replaces an already proven product that has ceased production. Bone Protec is an exciting addition to the product range because a superior supplement that provides maximum absorption and assimilation of calcium is urgently needed to address osteoporosis.*

This high quality and very advanced supplement is now available.

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Relieve and Remove Inflammation

Before people advance to full arthritis there is often a stage where soreness is experienced generally in soft tissues associated with joints. There is usually some inflammation, such as in knuckles.

Dealing with stiffness and discomfort associated with this early stage improves mobility and general function. The increased comfort is wonderful. The fact it signals real reduction in unwanted inflammatory changes is even better.

We recommend the following product for dealing with the discomfort of inflammatory changes.

Green Lipped Mussel

This remarkable product is superb. For maximum benefit we recommend you combine it with Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil. Note that this wholly natural product is not suited to people with a shellfish allergy.

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Relieve and Reverse Arthritis

Arthritis is extremely common. Indeed, it is overtaking heart disease as the number one result of poor nutrition. Many people seem to be accepting that arthritis is inevitable.

For many people it certainly is inevitable. However, it does not have to be that way.

Most arthritis is avoidable by maintaining inner cleanliness, eating properly and leading a healthy lifestyle. There are multiple treatments or interventions that can successfully relieve or reverse arthritis too - without the dangerous toxic drugs many consume. Here is one of the very best.*


You do not "just have to put up with it" nor do you have to wreck your health with toxic drugs. This natural formula is safe and effective.*

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