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If you have read my book Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide How to achieve lasting health and vitality then you already know both how to cleanse and why it is so important. If you haven't read my book I certainly hope you know these things.

Proper inner cleansing -- something that does not have to include ghastly procedures -- is very important for ensuring you can add value to life itself. Enjoying sound health is great. Avoiding disease and/or dealing with it effectively without recourse to toxic chemicals are great bonuses.

Some products you can use in your cleansing program are introduced below. Follow the links for further information.

Colon Cleansing

This is very important. Those who have read my book will know just how important.

The products we recommend here have been carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety. The vast majority of products marketed for colon cleansing are best avoided. Remember that marketing effectiveness does not equate to clinical effectiveness, no matter how many testimonials are compiled to persuade you otherwise.

We recommend you use the first product (if required) in conjunction with the whole body product following.

Colon Cleansing Herbal Formula

This product contains senna. Normally we do not recommend using senna. However this herbal formula is very good. It avoids the error of combining senna with cascara sagrada and it provides both slippery elm and marshmallow to overcome some of the problems senna can cause.*

It appears that an increasing number of people require the strength of senna in the initial stages of cleansing. If you are following our recommended healthy diet, which is naturally cleansing, you will not require this formula after your initial cleanse.

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Whole Body Detox

Most medicinal and cleansing herbs have clearly established strengths related to particular areas in the body. Of course I am genuinely holistic and recognize that body-mind oneness means that improvements to the body will necessarily result in whole person improvements, including the mind. Let's just keep it simple here by referring to the body.

To obtain a broad cleansing effect of the whole body a specially formulated combination of herbs is required. That's what we recommend here for whole body detoxification.

Herbal Detox Program

This comprehensive approach to cleansing is ideal. Attention is given to the blood and lymphatic system. This is important since they transport toxins throughout the body.

It will strongly support colon cleansing, kidney and urinary system cleansing, liver cleansing and cleansing the skin from the inside.*

Excellent support for directly fighting infection and boosting immune function also contribute to the long list of features and benefits.*

Even if your interest happens to be focussed on colon cleansing and you choose the above product, we highly recommend inclusion of this product for maximum cleansing value.

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Antioxidants provide one valuable form of whole-body inner cleansing. Removing free radicals is first and foremost a form of cleansing.

Many people think antioxidants are recommended just for their anti-aging properties. However, I prefer to think of them as primarily providing inner cleansing and detoxification with excellent anti-aging properties thrown in as a bonus. Not a bad "side effect" is it?

If you are taking Total Balance you probably don't need an antioxidant unless your need is high. If not taking Total Balance we recommend you take the following product.

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Cleansing the Blood

Blood is a precious fluid that most people don't give much attention. That's a pity really because we are very sensitive to any changes in its condition.

From a cleansing point of view there are real benefits associated with blood cleansing, or purifying as some people call it. This isn't surprising when you consider that your blood actually takes supplies to every cell in your body and removes their waste.

Whilst products for blood cleansing, as an alternative or addition to the Whole Body related products mentioned above will be recommend again in future, we currently have no satisfactory product to recommend.

Cleansing the Liver & Gallbladder

The liver plays a vital role in the body as the primary center for detoxification. Equally important perhaps is its role of manufacturing bile for supply (after temporary storage in the gallbladder) to the small bowel where it supports digestion (emulsification of fats and oils) and elimination (by stimulating movement).

The liver is an organ that takes a lot of abuse and engages in self-repair. While it is remarkable in its ability to function adequately under difficult conditions it certainly responds favorably to some support.

We recommend the following for cleansing the liver and gallbladder.

Liver & Gallbladder Formula

This herbal preparation includes herbs known to specifically assist both the liver and the gallbladder.*

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Cleansing the Kidneys

The kidneys provide a filtering function. Unlike the liver which traps toxins when possible while it works on them, the kidneys largely simply pass toxins and wastes out of the body in the urine or keep them in circulation. The kidneys themselves don't tend to absorb toxins and wastes into their own structure.

However, sometimes they can do with some additional nourishing support. Additionally, a mild diuretic action to flush them through, which facilitates removal of additional wastes, can be very beneficial.

We recommend the following for cleansing the kidneys and urinary system.

Kidney & Diuretic Formula

This herbal complex provides herbs that deliver both cleansing and mild diuresis. The chosen herbs also have infection-fighting properties specific for the urinary system.*

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Cleansing the Lungs

People subject their lungs to very polluted air, some much more than others. Smokers do diabolical damage which cannot be undone completely in many cases of long-term or sustained, heavy smoking.

We do have natural defenses but they are simply not designed to cope with the assault from modern day pollutants and living conditions. These days, everyone's lungs need some help occasionally and ex-smokers need quite a lot of support.

We recommend the following for cleansing the lungs and respiratory system.

Herbal Respiratory Aid

This herbal formula contains several powerfully cleansing and healing promoting herbs.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




The foundation of your health must consist of eliminating toxins, following a healthy lifestyle and eating well, as explained in Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.

Remember that the definitive guide to inner cleansing and a healthy diet and lifestyle is found in our two volume set Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.Safe Colon Cleansing Vol 1



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