Get To Know Us is a site developed by Drs Jenny and Peter Tylee. We are both health care professionals who actually:

  • are passionate about health and wellbeing,
  • understand health is not just absence of disease,
  • actively promote health,
  • love empowering others through health education.
Dr Jenny Tylee Dr Peter Tylee

We know that the sensible and safe use of quality health products provides significant empowerment to individuals who can achieve, regain or extend control of their own health care and management.

We have decades of professional experience in multiple health disciplines, including nursing, psychology and natural medicine. We were also senior academics who spent almost 15 years teaching in Australian universities. We each have several degrees including PhD.

So why this site?

We developed and in 2005 and have more health education sites in development. The feedback and enquiries we received made us realize that many people wanted and needed assistance in sorting through the huge range of products available in the market today.

Once again we had reservations about many of the existing health product sites. Many suffered from problems such as:

  • nameless authors,
  • faceless authors,
  • only an email contact and order form,
  • no broader health understanding suggested,
  • focus entirely on products rather than people,
  • confusing site,
  • confusing or wrong information,
  • no acknowledgement of the risks,
  • serious lack of safety guidelines,
  • wanted money but offered little or no consumer education,
  • and many more shortcomings.

We worry about people doing business through or learning from such web sites. So we decided to provide one ourselves. We are real people who don't need to hide anything. And while we believe you can trust us, we encourage you to read our policies page and note the disclaimer.

We have sound, professional level knowledge and experience that spans both orthodox (or "regular") and alternative health domains. We are well educated and have a capacity to critically evaluate new developments related to health care products.

Having been Primary Health Care practitioners and academics we are committed to providing information, and now products, to empower you to make good health choices and take responsibility for your own health. We don't claim to be perfect, no one is, so please get in touch if you think we have made an error.

High standards are important to us. You will find that expressed in various ways. For example, in the:

  • use of gender inclusive language,
  • adoption of web standards,
  • willingness to respond to feedback, and
  • recommendation of products that meet quality standards.

So, welcome! We sincerely hope you find something of benefit on our site. Take a good look around and you're bound to.

Wishing best of health to you,

Jenny and Peter




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The foundation of your health must consist of eliminating toxins, following a healthy lifestyle and eating well, as explained in Volume 1 of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.

Remember that good, healthy food can also look, smell and taste great! And it need not be expensive. See Dr Jenny Tylee's tips and hundreds of recipes in Volume 2 of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.Safe Colon Cleansing Vol 2


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