Support for Your Nervous System & Mental Wellbeing

While taking a holistic view that does not separate mind and body, it remains true that mental health is closely associated with the physical nervous system. Here we consider some physical supplements that support both mental and nervous system wellbeing.

Always remember that your mental health reflects your physical health and vice versa. In this section we are not addressing positive attitudes, social integration or any other important factors contributing to mental health, simply some supplements that have proven their usefulness.

Whatever you seek to achieve in health improvement you should start with a clean slate, so to speak. Ensure that you are following a good diet and healthy lifestyle as described in our books and have your nutritional foundation in place.

General Nervous System Support

Whether concerned with the central nervous system or the autonomic nervous system, ultimately effective function depends on passing signals from cell to cell using biochemical substances collectively called neurotransmitters. These are manufactured within the body from the nutrients you consume.

Many brain and nervous system disorders are a direct result of nutrient deficiencies. These disorders worsen with time resulting in malfunctioning neurotransmitters, which in turn can lead to various chronic conditions.

Neuro-Natural - General

This product can be added to your daily supplement regime to help combat the nutritional deficiencies that undermine nervous system and mental wellbeing. It is excellent 'insurance' to help protect you from mental and neural disease and maximize your chances of living a life free from such degenerative illnesses.

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Depression & Anxiety

These two feeling states are far too common. Many people mistakenly think that one can have one or the other but not both at the same time. Unfortunately this is incorrect.

Depression is widely understood to be those deep or prolonged times feeling flat or low or down. Anxiety could similarly be understood as feeling stressed or uptight or unduly worried. While some acute periods of anxiety are associated with heightened awareness, vigilance and sensitivity, this is not the type of high or being 'up' that is considered opposite to depression. Hence, as it happens, people frequently experience anxiety and depression at the same time.

There is much that can be done to prevent and to treat these conditions. Extremely important among these is a high quality diet with appropriate nutrients. Unfortunately, many people simply resort to drugs. A good approach is to use proven supplements, like the following.

Neuro-Natural - Serenity

This brilliant product provides helps relieve both depression and anxiety. Formulated to restore brain balance it is valuable for those experiencing undue stress and negativity.

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Everyone loses sleep occasionally and if it is only brief and leads to no accidents, it's really nothing to worry about. Serious or sustained sleep loss is another matter entirely.

Good, sound, restful sleep is restorative and having sufficient high quality sleep is essential for physical, mental and social wellbeing. Indeed, your holistic nature will quickly be reveal by just how much is touched by lack of sleep.

Neuro-Natural - Sleep

While many things can be recommended to improve sleep, from regular routines to adequate exercise and proper eating, the Neuro-Natural Sleep formula can provide the frequently missing foundation that ensures they work.

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Everyone forgets things from time to time. That may prove unfortunate but mostly does not indicate a serious problem.

When forgetting occasionally gives way to regular forgetfulness however, something should be done to correct the trend. Indeed, it may be quite wise to take early corrective action or even preventative measures.

Closely related to the brain functions associated with memory are those enabling mental concentration. A reasonable measure of concentration is essential just to live safely in the modern world. Difficulty in initiating or sustaining concentration should always be given attention.

The following products are recommended for their usefulness in dealing with memory and concentration needs.

Neuro-Natural - Memory

This product provides an excellent nutrient foundation and further support to brain function. It is excellent for meeting memory and concentration needs and may assist in the prevention of the dementias.

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the closely related Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are two labels for presenting symptom patterns that are used far too commonly these days. Far worse unfortunately, is the widespread over use of drugs to attempt to treat the conditions.

Though applied too readily and loosely, it is clear that many people are experiencing serious difficulties with focusing and concentrating. Just as clearly this can result in behaviors that lead to many problems.

These are classic cases for following the guidelines in my book, Safe Colon Cleansing. Diet and lifestyle issues are crucial in correcting these conditions. Some additional products are being evaluated for inclusion here that may help people avoid the toxic drugs that are usually prescribed.




* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




The foundation of your health must consist of eliminating toxins, following a healthy lifestyle and eating well, as explained in Volume 1 of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.

Remember that good, healthy food can also look, smell and taste great! And it need not be expensive. See Dr Jenny Tylee's tips and hundreds of recipes in Volume 2 of Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.Safe Colon Cleansing Vol 2


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