Essential Vitamins, Nutritional Minerals & Oils

Vitamins, minerals and oils provide a foundation for your health and wellbeing. In that sense they are absolutely essential.

The real roles and ultimate importance of these nutrition components are very poorly understood by most health professionals. This even applies to some who are certified in nutrition and dietetics.

It is important to recognize the difference between the nutritional (health related) use of food and nutritional supplements and the medicinal (disease oriented) use. Most people are quite unclear about this important distinction.

Part of the problem has arisen because many modern foods lack the nutrients they once had. A larger part stems from the poor quality of diet and lifestyle we increasingly see in western culture. The fact is, even when people try to eat what they are led to believe is a good diet, they usually have a less than optimum nutritional status.

This can be very largely or completely corrected using supplements and following an improved diet, such as the one described in my book. However, I must tell you that there is no such thing as the perfect supplement. I say again: No such thing exists.

The fact is that individuals, while very similar in a basic way to everyone, actually differ in significant ways from everyone else. Every person has a unique personal profile of nutritional needs. There is vigorous research being undertaken using genomics to develop ways to test for the individual pattern of requirements so that supplements can indeed be completely personalized. We are not there yet.

The very next best thing is to obtain a complete, or at least very broad, range of vitamins and minerals and the most important oils and to take them in a properly balanced formulation. This is critical. Just adding large amounts of supplements of one or more types is not smart. It is not necessarily helpful and may actually do harm. Balance and proportion are vital.

After searching the whole world and dismissing many claims as just good marketing, we found what we believe is the very finest nutritional supplement with the total necessary vitamins and minerals in correct balance. With the addition of a high quality Omega3 oil supplement you have the ideal foundation for health.



Total Balance

This product is manufactured in New Zealand in full compliance with strict government quality requirements. It is supplied worldwide.

The product name "Total Balance" is quite appropriate. It comes in different versions based on gender and age and strength as you'll see when you read the details.

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Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil

Omega 3/DHA fish oil products have been promoted widely for their excellent support for heart health. We believe they do have an important role in the cardiovascular system but the heart benefits have been overplayed at the expense of the many other benefits from these oils.

These oils are needed within the body just as vitamins and minerals are needed. The oils play a vital role in the development and operation of many essential substances and physiological functions.

More recent research has shown that these oils are just as important for the brain as they are for the heart. We encourage you to follow the links to learn more about the importance of nutritional oils. Just remember that they should be added to your basic daily supplement routine.

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