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Price List as at October 2008 - Subject to Change. E&OE
(US$ prices for Total Balance include loyalty program discount)
Products Price US$ Price AU$
Total Balance (Prices for 30 days supply)    
Unisex $43.42 $56.50
Men's $43.42 $56.50
Women's $43.42 $56.50
Unisex Premium $75.15 $95.50
Men's Premium $85.95 $111.00
Women's Premium $85.95 $111.00
Children's $25.60 $32.50
Neuro-Natural Formulas    
Neuro-Natural General $37.95 $48.95
Neuro-Natural Serenity $39.95 $51.45
Neuro-Natural Sleep $34.95 $45.85
Neuro-Natural Memory $39.45 $52.35
Bone Protec $27.85 $36.95
Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil Esters $16.85 $18.85
GLM-Omega 3 Plus $28.95 $38.95
Lipi-Rite (Formerly Cholest-Natural) $32.95 $43.95
Arthrit-Eze $39.85 $53.25
Female Rejuvenator $27.45 $36.95
Male Rejuvenator $29.45 $39.95

This manufacturer has:
1. A generous LOYALTY program offering a 10% discount.
2. Excellent worldwide delivery and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy.
3. Additional guarantees for some products and protocols.
4. Extensive research based information related to each product
5. An excellent and FREE newsletter that we recommend



Price List as at February 2007 - Subject to Change. E&OE
Products Price US$
The following 5 digestion aids and digestion supplements are available via this link.
Just click here and then scroll to find the one you want.
Acidophilus & Bifidus $24.60
Enzyme Complex $26.55
Digestion Herbal Formula $17.95
Digestion Aid Homeopathic Formula $17.45
Fiber Plus + Flax & Rice $17.95
Antioxidant Supplement Original $17.95
Colon Cleanser Herbal Formula $17.95
Herbal Detox Program $17.95
Liver & Gall Herbal Formula $17.95
Kidney & Diuretic Herbal Formula $17.95
Worm Defense Formula $17.95
Herbal Respiratory Aid $17.95
The following circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol herbal supplements are available via this link.
Just click here and then scroll to find the one you want.
Circulation Herbs $22.95
Blood Pressure Herbs Original $22.95
Cholesterol Herbs Original $24.95
The following two, all natural anti-fungal herbal products are available via this link.
Just click here and then scroll to find the one you want.
Anti Fungal Herb Program $17.95
Anti Fungal Ointment $9.85

Substantial DISCOUNTS are regularly provided. Check manufacturer's site when ordering.
America based, ships internationally. Excellent guarantee. See manufacturer's website for further details.




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