Progressive Deep Relaxation

Are you uptight? Do you need to relax?

Maybe your doctor told you that you need to relax. Perhaps the advice came from family or friends or colleagues. Most likely you didn't need anyone to tell you though, you know only too well that you're suffering from too much tension.

Excessive tension is very unpleasant. It just feels bad. And it becomes quite wearing over time doesn't it?

What's worse is the fact that feeling your unpleasant symptoms of tension is like seeing the tip of an iceberg. The larger amount of damage to your wellbeing is going on beneath the surface, undermining your health.

But I expect you know this, that's probably why you're here. Well relax, you're in the right place.

Relaxation Session

Do you want to:

  • Relax your body and mind in a wonderful half-hour session of progressive, deep relaxation.
  • Enjoy the multiple health benefits associated with releasing stored tension.
  • Rediscover how to achieve effective levels of relaxation at will.

You can easily achieve all this, and more, with Progressive Deep Relaxation.

In this expertly conducted session Dr Peter Tylee draws not just on his PhD in psychology but on decades of broader clinical experience dealing with diverse health problems associated with accumulated tension and the results of negative stress.

You can enjoy the many benefits of a session with Peter at a fraction of the cost of a normal consultation and you can repeat it as many times as you like for no extra charge.

Relaxation and stress relief are widely acknowledged as significant contributors to health. Certainly tension and stress are known killers. They can also make life quite unpleasant.

A tool that both directly facilitates deep relaxation and reestablishes the skill of effective relaxation whenever needed is truly empowering.

Benefit from Expertise

Progressive deep relaxation is a clinically proven method for achieving excellent depth of physical relaxation which in turn provides significant psychological benefits. Since the body and mind are not separate the psychological stress relief stemming from deep physical relaxation can be quite profound.

Peter also uses proven techniques specifically to relax the mind. Again, physical benefits are derived from this due to the essential oneness of body and mind.

In addition, Peter's approach is re-educational. He specifically works to facilitate rapid skill development in self-relaxation. This empowers you to recognize quickly when your stress state is increasing and to rapidly achieve stress reduction when you choose.

You can enjoy all this, right now, with Peter's Progressive Deep Relaxation audio session.

Maximum Convenience

With this audio program you will have the convenience of a therapy session on demand at times and places to suit your needs and circumstances.

  • No ongoing professional fees
  • No traveling costs
  • No wasteful disruptions to your routine

This excellent program, complete with brief written safety notes from Peter, can be delivered to you within minutes by online delivery immediately after payment. So...

Do you want or need to be more relaxed and less stressed?

Buy it Now

Download your copy now for the generously low price of just US$29.95.*

* Price available today. Tribar Press reserves the right to increase the price at any time.

Naturally, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. You risk nothing by purchasing from Tribar Press but you may risk too much if you neglect your need for deep relaxation.

You will be able to download the session in MP3 format and copy it to your MP3 player or write it to a CD for your CD player. Set it up to maximize your own convenience.

Excessive stress or tension is already costing you far too much. It costs you in terms of lost health, lost enjoyment of life and the potentially large sums of money you are spending or will need to spend in future to deal with these.

Start enjoying a more relaxed life today. Order now, you'll be very glad you did.



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Discover just how good deep relaxation feels.


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