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Valued Links

This page contains links to various sites considered to be of value to you, our visitor. Since this site is about health and health products, that's basically what you'll find here! We intend to make this an annotated links page, so a few words will be offered to explain each link we provide for you.

Note that all links to other sites will open in a new window.

If you would like to recommend a site for inclusion please let us know. Just send us the details using the form below. If you would like to link to our site, that would be welcome and we'd love to know about your link.




Nutritional Health



Xtend Life Natural Products are brilliantly formulated to maximize the benefits of synergistic relationships between nutrients and herbs. Use their products with confidence. They also offer an excellent free newsletter.

Health News



An exciting new online source of self-help and personal development programs may be found at

An excellent program is offered for dealing with depression. Their program to help people quit smoking is also excellent. Both programs offer personalized interactivity with daily support and motivation by email and SMS. Highly recommended.

Herbal Medicine


Medical Drugs


In general terms we are against the use of medical drugs unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes they are needed of course. In the Medical Drugs Guide you will find information we consider essential if you are taking or considering prescribed medication or other pharmaceuticals. (Also long delayed, but will eventually be a valuable resource.)

Professional Development

For nurses, but anyone interested is welcome.

Primary Health Care

Therapeutic Communication

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