Circulation Herbs

Many health problems are associated with poor circulation. When the oxygenated and nutrient rich blood cannot circulate to all parts of the body to deliver its life-giving benefits and remove built up toxins, problems invariably develop.

Herbs to promote good circulation.

This excellent support for improving blood circulation uses a well proven formula with all natural ingredients.*

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Suggested Usage:
Take 2 capsules up to 3 times daily 1 hour before or after meals (30 capsules per bottle).

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Caution: If you take prescription blood thinning medication or regularly take over the counter pain medication you should consult with your own professional health care provider before using this product. There are no known interactions with conventional cardiac drugs, but some circulatory herbs may strengthen the effects of cardiac glycosides (eg. digitalis). Do not take if pregnant. Start with half dose first week. A health care provider should help monitor blood pressure at regular intervals. Use on a cycle of 4 weeks on then none for 1 week.

This product combines traditional therapeutic herbs in a powerful and effective yet quite safe (see above) and natural formula. See the following for details.

This herbal formula is useful for any conditions requiring improved circulation. These could range from a tendency to have cold feet and hands through to specific diagnosed vascular conditions.


The following therapeutic herbs:

Hawthorn Berry: Known to help dilate coronary blood vessels, and help lower blood pressure. Also decreases fatty deposit levels.

Ginger: This well known herb commonly used to relieve digestion problems and help with nausea also helps improve circulation.

Cayenne: Aids digestion, improves circulation and has cleansing properties on the body. Also called hot pepper and red pepper.

Motherwort: Has excellent circulation aiding properties, and has traditionally been used to relieve child birth pain, hence the name Motherwort. Should not be used when pregnant before on the onset of labor.

BUY CIRCULATION HERBS direct from the manufacturer and save!


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